Possibility of renting a storage room

We want to offer you a new optional service of the Ichigo-Ichie Apartment. The possibility of renting a storage room, located under the terrace with the entrance from the street, which has a multitude of leisure possibilities.

Dispose of:

2 folding bicycles to take walks around the town. (New).

Padel Surf

Padel Surf with the possibility of using it as a canoe. Walks along the estuary, fishing, catching waves… (New).

Padel Surf
Juego Petanca

1 Game of Petanque.

2 Beach chairs for sunbathing.

1 Beach umbrella.

2 Bodyboard Tables (Bugui).

1 Soccer Ball with a small folding beach goal.

1 Set of beach shovels.

2 small kites.

The cost of the service is only €60, in weekend stays and from 3 days €100 for the entire stay. Having a key to use when they want and all the time desired.

If you are interested, we will give you the key on the day of arrival, having to pay in hand at that time.

Trastero para Alquilar para Ocio
Trastero para Alquilar para Ocio
Trastero para Alquilar para Ocio
Trastero para Alquilar para Ocio

Espera un Momento

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