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Gastronomy, Culture and Good Atmosphere

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Lekeitio Slow City

Walking through the Port of Lekeitio
Pintxos Tasting
Cobbled Streets
Fountain from 1888
Next to the Port the Plaza and Church
Karraspio Beach Sunset
Walk to the Island at Low Tide
Spectacular Views from the Island
Lekeitio Lighthouse
Sunset from
Mount Otoio
Marierrota Tide Mill
Lea Ibilbidea Path from Marierrota
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Take a walk along the fishing port, the squares and cobbled streets of the town and try delicious pintxos in one of its bars.

Discover the pier and arrive to the island of San Nicolás when the tide is low.

Take a swim on the beaches of Karraspio, Isuntza or Salvaje.

Rent a canoe in the port and paddle behind the island or through the marshes of the River Lea.

Take a walk and visit the lighthouse of Lekeitio, the only one that accepts visitors in the Basque Country.

Have surf lessons in the beach of Karraspio. Paddle and Canoe.

Enjoy the numerous cycling routes. Practise sailing.

Go to Mount Lumentza. Go up to Atalaia and from there to Mount Otoio.

Visit the windmill Molino de Mareas.

Walk the Lea Ibilbidea trail that follows the route of the Lea River to Munitibar, stopping to eat at the Ibai-gane restaurant in Oleta.

Mendexa Adventure Park, Mendexapark.com/en

Ruta GR mountain bike, Wine and fish route Oion Lekeitio.

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